A revolutionary facility for your Business 

48279358 - a bright space with safe deposit boxes. a concept of storing of important documents or valuables in a safe and secure environment. 3d rendering.

Automated, Secure and Insured Safe Deposit Box System

• SafeBox Auto is a secure safe that holds Automated Safe Deposit Box Systems for commercial and retail needs. Boxes are automatically retrieved from the terminal using a card and personal pin number, chosen by the client.
• Similar to an ATM safe, the customer simply approaches the terminal with their card, chooses a unique pin number and a safe deposit box is retrieved and presented to the client, where they can drop in or take out, passports, cash, jewellery, phone etc.
• Various size units available, ranging from a 69 box and 100 box unit right up to hundreds and even thousands of box units with multiple terminals.
• Very small foot print, dimensions of the various size units range from as little as 79cm wide x 168cm long x 192cm tall.

Safebox Auto PRIVATE VAULT Features

  • Zero cost – No capital requirement. We provide everything.
  • Little or no operational requirements. Fully automated.
  • Attract new customers by advertising this unique service.
  • Personal Safe Deposit Boxes are fully insured for €10,000 each.
  • 24 hour access to private vault.


• Stand out from the crowd with a revolutionary service for your clients

• Fully Automated – Little or no operational requirement

• Zero cost – We supply, install, maintain and insure

• Research shows that people are fearful of leaving valuables in their home or in basic bedroom safes when they are travelling. We confront and resolve these issues and fears with our secure,  certified and fully insured Automated Safe Deposit Box Systems. Every box  is  fully  insured to the value of €10,000 per box

• Use this unique service to attract new customers and retain regular  customers with this value  added service.