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The Benefits of having a Private Vault Safe Deposit Box

There are many benefits to owning your own private safe deposit box or private vault. Whether you are an individual with a requirement to secure your valuables such as jewellery, cash, title deeds, sentimental memorabilia etc. or you are a business that requires security for the most valuable assets of your business, a small safe deposit box or a large vault is the best way to secure your valuables. Private safe deposit boxes and private vaults have moved on considerably since the first service provided 150 years ago. You now have the most up to date security and technology of a secure and fully insured automated service such as SafeBox Auto.

Safe deposit boxes for domestic use:

There are many items in the home that are valuable such as jewellery and cash. But you may also have old and sentimental items that are irreplaceable. As previously outlined, your home can never be as secure as a safe deposit box or vault facility. Your home does not provide adequate physical or electronic security to protect your most valuable items. You need to keep your home as less attractive as possible to would be thieves. If a thief steals valuables from your home, you may have a re-occurrence. Therefore it is always best to store your valuable and precious items in a professional private vault.

Safe Deposit boxes and private vaults for commercial or organisation use:

Your business may have a good quality electronic security system. You may even have a security guard at your premises. But when it comes to securing your most valuable business items, these are no substitute for professional, certified vaults and safe deposit boxes. These modern facilities are designed to stand up to the most sustained attack methods. Whether your requirement is for a standard safe deposit box or a large vault, these facilities are your best form of securing and insuring your valuables.

The main benefits of a private safe deposit box or private vault:

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, it is unlikely that you will have the necessary physical and electronic security required to properly secure your most valuable assets. So, the main benefits of owning your own facility can be broken down as follows:

Physical and electronic security

Professional criminals can quite easily overcome your physical end electronic security systems. It is only when your valuable assets are stored in a professionally certified vault, that the criminals will have the greatest difficulty in attempting to gain access to your valuables. Generally, even the smallest vaults will weigh in excess of four tonnes (4,000 kg), compare this to the average domestic safe weighing just 50kg and the average commercial safe weighing just 200kg and the difference is quite stark.

Criminals quite simply generally look for the easiest targets and so there is no doubt that the security in your home or business is a much easier and a much more attractive proposal for any potential criminal


There are many obstacles and difficulties in obtaining the insurance cover you require for your valuables. In many cases your premises and security systems will simply be not adequate to provide the level of insurance cover that you may require.
A professional safe deposit box will usually have insurance as standard or for an additional fee. Because the security of the system is so to such a high standard, this means that you can generally increase the level of insurance cover to whatever your requirement is, for an additional fee.


The security of your home or business may be seen as quite weak to a professional criminal. This poses a greater risk to attempted theft of your valuables. Because you have no real way replicating the security of a professional safe deposit box / private vault supplier, this means that you are always the softest target for attempted robbery of valuables.
Theft or even attempted theft is a terrible thing to experience. Therefor It is obviously in your best interest to keep your most precious valuables away from your home or business and keep them in a professional secure facility.


The cost of holding your precious items can be spread out annually and thereby making it an extremely attractive proposition. By keeping your valuable items in anything less than a secure vault or automated safe deposit box, increases dramatically the likelihood of loss or theft. You may never receive the full replacement cost of stolen items. Sentimental items and family heirlooms can obviously never be replaced. So, it is obviously best to secure such items in a private vault from SafeBox Auto.


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